The way to democracy lays through women’s human rights and gender equality.

KAMER's  Press Release


It should be shame and disgrace for all of us if cases like a forced marriage of an 11,5 year old girl and her murder at the age of 14,5 when she already was a mother of two children, are taking place in our country.


On the grounds of our experiences, we believe that the case of Kader Ertem is not a suicide but a murder.


This case should be thoroughly investigated in all aspects.


Interrogation should take place questioning all aspects: Kader Erten’s family which forced her to marry at 11,5; the man who married her; what happened while her husband was out at military service; if the child was really born premature or not; who was the real father of the child; etc. 


This case should be the lawsuit of all of us.


The problem of children being forced to marriage is one of the most important problems of Turkey.


According to the study KAMER conducted in 2013 through face-to-face interviews with around 60,000 women in 23 provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions,


54 girls at the age of 12 and below,

2,217 girls between ages 13-15,

4,711 girls between ages 16-17

were forced for marriage within the last 10 years:
The rate of forced marriages in early ages within the last 10 years is approximately 33%.


Within the shortest period of time, administrative authorities should initiate campaigns for creating awareness and sensitivity on the matter of early forced marriages in collaboration with heads of neighborhoods/villages, gendarmerie, teachers and imams. Immediate measures to prevent such marriages should be taken in all provinces, districts, neighborhoods and villages.


The way to democracy lays through women’s human rights and gender equality.

KAMER Foundation


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