The Report of House Visits in 22 Provinces 2015



The Report of House Visits in 22 Provinces 2015


In 2015, 22864 women in 22 provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions were visited and asked various questions about their families, marriages and children.  The language for interviews was 85,6 percent Turkish, 14,2 percent Kurdish and the remaining were in Arabic and Zazaish. The mother tongue of women was 56,8 percent Kurdish, 33,1 percent Turkish, 7,2 percent Zazaish and 2,8 percent Arabic. The average age of women interviewed was 36, the youngest was 13 and the oldest was 89.


75 percent of women we visited were married, the remaining were single. 96,2 percent of marriages were both civil and religious marriages. Among single women, the percentage of women that never married were the highest, 362 women were divorced and 1094 women lost their husbands. 


In terms of age, 44 percent of women expressed that they married            before they were 18 years old. In terms of marriage form, 62 percent had arranged marriages, 4 percent had forced marriages while 34 percent had known and loved their husbands before marriage. Forced marriages were mostly marriages with relatives, co-wife marriages and bride exchange marriages. 

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